Friday, December 3, 2010

Shenaniganizer is Tired and Possibly Getting Sick

Working in retail for two and a half months might not be much, but it has already given me a list of things that I hate, or at least annoy the crap out of me. 
First off, when you go to pay, get off your damn phone.  How am I supposed to give your proper customer service if you are too busy to pay attention?  Besides it just rude.  If some was trying to have a conversation with you, you would give them the courtesy of getting off your phone.  Why am I any different? 
Secondly, people who refuse to read the signs with our rules that are posted around the store and then get mad because I cannot break the rules for them.  For example, last week a lady came in and had three sections of five yards of tulle cut in our fabric department. All over that section, there are signs posted saying that if you get fabric cut you are agreeing to pay for it, no argument.  The lady came up the register and decided then that she only wanted two of the pieces of tulle, not all three.  When I told her that she had to buy it, she got mad.  I told her that there were signs all over the fabric department stating our policy, but because she did not bother to read the brightly colored sheets of paper it is the store’s fault.  She talked to my supervisor who told her the same thing and she would not listen, so we called the manager.   The lady then started yelling at the manager, calling our policy “illogical” and that it did not make any sense.  The problem is that if a piece of fabric is cut, a future customer probably would not want it.  If they are coming in looking for one long piece and all we have are smaller sections, they would not buy it.  They lady did not seem to get this and the manager eventually told me to just let her buy only what she wanted just to get her to shut up and leave. 
My last two main problems with people are minor.  I work as the main cashier, so I am at the front of the store and one of my duties to is to greet everyone as they walk in.  I am so good at noticing every person who walks in that customers at the register have been know to call me “super greeter”.  What annoys me is when people walk in and completely ignore my greeting.  It is one thing if you are on the phone or are trying to wrangle together your three kids, but when you walk in all by yourself and decide that you do not want to give me the decency of acknowledging my existence I get annoyed. 
Lastly, keep an eye on your damn kids.  I am not a baby sitter.  Do not walk in with your kids then wander off to get your stuff, leaving them standing in front of me.  I am not paid to make sure your children do not break our wears or eat our displays.  That is your job as a parent.  

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