Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Six Months Ago

Today six months ago I was freaking out about finals and trying to pass the last five classes of my undergraduate career.  If you consider the fact that I had spent the last four and a half years taking only three classes a quarter, it was a hectic ten weeks for me.  I was also dealing with the latest of a string of shitty roommates and a roach infestation.  It was impossible to make any sort of food in the kitchen because multiple roaches would appear out of nowhere and literally fall into my food.  One night, I even called my father in tears. 
Eventually, it was all over and I got to walk across the little stage at the University of California, Riverside.  My family was there with my amazingly patient boyfriend and I got to walk alongside of my friends. 
Now life just seems to be standing still.  I have a low paying retail job at a craft, which I actually enjoy.  I get to interact with people and offer help.  It allows me to actually feel knowledgeable.  In school, I usually felt that Professors would look down on me for my chosen genre and my father seems to think that I am an idiot. 
At work, the customer looks to me for help.  Probably because I’m the cashier and I stand right by the door, but it makes me feel good.  The ladies I work with are nice people too.
The job itself is also great because it gives me time to work on my writing at home.  I attempted to do National Novel Writing Month last month, but I failed.  I had managed to keep up the pace for the first three weeks, but out of nowhere I just ran out of stuff to write.  I probably should have actually brainstormed before hand and written outlines like all of the people I know who managed to hit the 50,000 word goal. 
Now I am attempting to do National Blog Post Month, one post a day for all of December.  Here’s hoping I can pull it off.  

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